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Domain names

What is this free domain name registration stuff about?
When you host with us on a paid hosting plan such as the "Standard" plan or the "Standard Plus" plan, we will register your primary domain name for free. When you renew your hosting account, we will renew the registration of the primary domain name on your account, for free.

Do I have to register my domains through Dantor, to host with Dantor?
No, you don't. You may register your domain names anywhere, and still host with Dantor.

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I prefer to register my domains with registrar X, can I still host my web site with Dantor?
Yes, of course. We do not require that you register your domains through us, to host with us. Go ahead and register your domains with your favorite registrar. Just point the domain to our name servers when you are ready to host it with us.

Are business web sites permitted?
Yes, of course. We welcome individuals, businesses, non profits, hobbyists, developers, etc.

Does Dantor place advertising on my web site?
No. Dantor does not place banners or ads of any kind on your web site.

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Are email accounts and email hosting included with my web site hosting account?
Yes. Your account includes support for several hundred email accounts based on your hosted domain name.
Example anything@foo.com, anything@<your domain here>.tld

Does the mail server support SSL/TLS security?
Yes. All protocols (and webmail) support SSL/TLS.

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Web Applications

Does Dantor support web application framework X?
Yes, probably. We support just about any web app that runs on top of ASP.Net, Classic ASP, ColdFusion or PHP.
Please see our web applications support page, for tutorials on configuring several popular web apps.

Miscellaneous support articles

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