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Frequently asked questions regarding domain name registration

Do you provide domain name registration for .com.au or other cc top level domains?
If your desired TLD isn't listed on the domain name registration form, then we don't provide registration services for that TLD. We will host any domain TLD, but we only provide registration for a few.

At this time we provide domain name registration services for the following TLD's
  • .com
  • .net
  • .org
  • .us
  • .biz
  • .info
But even if we don't provide registration for your TLD, we can host your .com.au domain, or any other top level domain.

What is this free domain name registration stuff about?
When you host with us on a paid hosting plan such as the "Standard" plan or the "Standard Plus" plan, we will register your primary domain name for free. When you renew your hosting account, we will renew the registration of the primary domain name on your account, for free.

Do I have to register my domains through Dantor, to host with Dantor?
No, you don't. You may register your domain names anywhere, and still host with Dantor.

I host foo.com with you, but also have foo.net and foo.org pointed to that account. Do all three domain names get renewed for free?
No, they do not. Foo.com would be renewed for free, but you will need to pay the registry renewal fees for foo.net and foo.org.

I'm trying to register www.foo.com, but your registration form won't let me type in www.foo.com.
Do not add www. to the domain name you are trying to register. To register foo.com, type foo into the form, then select .com from the drop down list.

What is a country dialing code? What is my country dialing code? Why do I need to format my phone number this way?
If you live in the U.S. or Canada, your country code is 1. Your phone number should be entered like +1.5555551212.

That is: Plus sign, then the country code, then a Period, then the Area Code and Phone Number without spaces or dashes.

If you live outside of the U.S or Canada, we assume that you know what your country code is (the UK is +44).
For the UK, it could look like, +44.2031686493
For AU, it could look like, +61.280113630

That is, Plus sign, then the country code, then a Period, then the Area Code (or city code) and Phone Number without spaces or dashes.

Why? Because some registries will only accept phone numbers in this direct dial international format.

People type their phone number in an amazing variety of ways, such as (555) 555 1212, (555) 555-1212, 555-555-1212, 1-(555) 555-1212, 1,555.555.1212, 1-555.555.1212, 1-(555) 555.1212, +44 (0)203 168 6493, 44-203-178-6493, 0203 168 6493.

We could probably write a regular expression and format the phone number based on your IP location or country selection, but there are too many variables. (person is on vacation while ordering, phone number issued in another country or region, country code was already entered... but without a plus sign, etc) So please, input your phone number in the format that the registry wants.

Can I use fake information in my domain name registration details?
I suppose that you could, but it's not a very good idea. ICANN has the power to revoke your domain name, if someone were to complain to them about false contact information in your domain registration details.

If your domain name is important to you or your business, use accurate and up to date information in your registry contact details.

I went on vacation and forgot about my domain name. Apparently it expired 45 days ago, and is now in something called a Redemption Period and I can't renew it. What's going on?
The top level registries (com, net, org, etc) and ICANN give (up to) a 30 day grace period, after expiration, to renew a domain name at regular (or near regular) prices. Once that grace period has expired, the domain name goes into the Redemption Period. After the Redemption Period, the domain usually goes into a registry owned auction. If nobody buys it at auction, the domain will become publicly available again.

During the Redemption Period, only the original domain owner may redeem the domain. It is a system that tries to prevent accidental loss of domain names. But the registries kill you on the cost of recovering a domain name in the redemption period. The cost of recovering a domain name in the redemption period is $150, plus the regular cost of the domain name renewal. Redemption is a manual process, that takes 2 to 7 days to complete.

$150? You're a bunch of crooks! It was an honest mistake, please give me a break on the redemption cost.
It's not us, it's the registries. We redeem domains at the cost that the registry charges us, nothing more.

But there is usually a lower cost option to domain redemption. You can often let the domain pass though the Redemption Period, then try to buy it from a registry owned, domain auction house resale shop during the pending delete phase (You would need to monitor namejet.com and snapnames.com for your domain name). If there are no other bidders "offers to purchase", you might get the name for $65 to $79.